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Mason County Regional Detention Center

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect the public and institutional security and safety while providing programs intended to reduce the occurrence of re-incarceration.

The lobby doors are open to the public.
All visitors are to wear a mask unless vaccinated.

On-site visitation will take place with a kiosk via video visitation. To schedule a visit, go to www.inmatesales.com, all visits must be scheduled prior to using the kiosk in the lobby. All inmates receive up to two 15 minutes of on-site video visitations.

The only items permitted to be brought into the facility during visitation are: a government issued I.D. and 1 set of car keys. All other items are to be left in the vehicle. Purses, coats, cameras, and cell phones are not permitted to be brought into the facility.

In accordance with KRS 520.010, KRS 520.050, and KRS 520.060, anyone entering the grounds of a correctional institution may be subject to a personal search and/or a search of their vehicle.

Pursuant to KRS 520.010, anyone found in possession of or anyone knowingly introducing contraband into the Mason County Detention Center will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Use of profanity is prohibited; violation of this policy will result in visitation restrictions, up to being barred from visits.

Visitors are to be dressed appropriately. If a visitor is not appropriately dressed, they will be asked to leave. The shift supervisor holds the authority to make this discretionary decision.


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